Business Recovery Part III – The Trust of Time

This month at Peak City Puppy, we’ve been focusing on sharing our approach to recovering our business as we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. Today we review the second of three core values guiding our work in 2021:

Our Team is Our Greatest Asset & Source of Strength
Our Clients Value Trust & Reliability Above All
Our Services Will Set & Exceed the Bar for Quality

2021 marks our 13th year in business. Over this time, we’ve experienced incredible growth AND maintained a high quality of service. This success comes in many forms that we review all the time:

  • 60% of our new business comes from word of mouth referrals
  • The average time a team member has been with us is 3.8 years
  • Client satisfaction by way of Google reviews is 4.9 stars with over 120 ratings
  • We survived a pandemic where 90% of our revenues were lost for months because of donations and loyalty of dozens of clients

If asked what is the secret of our success, the answer is simple:


Why Trust is our Most Important Quality

While price, availability, convenience, friendliness and professionalism are all important qualities of our service, it is TRUST that customers and employees desire most when choosing a dog walker, pet sitter or someone to help in the early days of new puppy care. For the same reasons you want your vet to know what she’s doing prior to examining your ill pet, a customer wants to know the dog walker coming to the home is going to safeguard her pet, no matter situation arises. Loose dogs in the neighborhood?  Is the dog walker adept at reacting quickly to keep your dog safe? Senior pet staying at home overnight? Can your pet sitter properly keep watch on her for signs of distress? No RING or household camera set up? Can you really trust the person walking your new puppy to arrive on time, stay the full time and lock up behind?

These are just a handful of real reasons our clients use us again and again. The trust we have in our team translates to total peace of mind for our clients. Not having to worry or second-guess if your sitter arrived while you head out on vacation or pound away at work is why Peak City Puppy customers keep coming back.

Trust is Built over Time Through A Million Little Things

While high trust is gained by doing the “right” things most of the time, it is quickly in jeopardy when things go wrong. At Peak City Puppy, we have delivered over 25,000 visits in a single calendar year.  Multiply that times twelve years and it’s hundreds of thousands of visits and with that, has come a mistake, a mis-judgement or a miscommunication, for sure. However, even in our gravest error, it is widely understood that we acknowledge and take full responsibility for both how the error happened and give more than simple assurances that we’ll correct it.  We take criticism on as something to learn from and constantly ask:

“What is our role, here?”

How can we do better next time?”

And most importantly and without regard to outcome, asking ourselves “Have we done everything in our ability to make this right for the customer (or employee)?”

Trust is built over time. Destroyed in a Second. And takes years to Repair. We are proud to say that with the professional, conscientious and caring team members we’ve assembled, your trust over time is our greatest achievement. 

Lesley White is Founder and Owner of a Team of 21 pet professionals who set the standard in dog walking & pet sitting in Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Fuquay Varina, Morrisville and New Hill, NC. She lives in Apex with her husband, two daughters, step-son and mixed-breed rescue dog, Little Bear.