Frequently Asked Questions at Peak City Puppy


Is there an extra charge for multiple dogs?

No! Peak City Puppy does not charge extra for multiple dogs. We trust our clients to know what their pack needs and schedule adequate time to take care of everyone. Our flat-fee prices include care of all pets in the home.

What are the fees if I cancel? 

A feature of our business is flexibility and we encourage early booking to avoid last-minute scrambling to add you to the schedule.  We offer FREE cancellation up to 48 hours in advance (pet sitting visits) and 12 hours (dog walking or new puppy service).   All Overnight / Boarding services are in very high demand and have a separate cancelation policy.  Please reach out to learn more. 

What is the earliest time I can schedule a visit? What is the latest?

Our normal hours of operation are from 7 AM to 9:30 PM. 

At Peak City Puppy, we understand that not all jobs and not all pets operate within our normal hours of operation. For this reason, we work with you to find the best solution for you and your pet’s needs. We also offer expanded services including 12-hour and 24-hour Overnight Pet Sitting for those that may work longer hours or overnight hours. 

I have an emergency and need to schedule a last minute service. How do I do this?

Our policy is that any services scheduled with less than 72 hours notice are considered “last minute.” Coverage of these services is not guaranteed, however, we will try to accommodate you as best we can. Last minute services may incur a $10.00 convenience fee. 

We also ask that you place your request in Time To Pet as soon as possible (the sooner the better) and add into the notes area of your request that you have an emergency and urgently need services. We understand that emergencies arise and life cannot always be planned in advance so we will do our best to assist you.

Our primary walker is taking time off and we need a new one. Do I have to meet them and is there a charge?

If your Primary Team Member is unable to complete services due to time off we will do what is called a Sitter Introduction. A Sitter Introduction is where your Primary Team Member will meet and introduce a Secondary Team Member to your pet(s), you do not need to be present. During this meeting your Primary will go over entry instructions, alarm info (if applicable), equipment location, meeting the pet(s), walking routes and routines, and any additional information that is pertinent to the care of your pet(s). A Sitter Introduction is $5.00.

Should you prefer to meet your Secondary Team Member personally we can set up a New Client Meeting with the Secondary. This meeting is just like your initial meeting (the Meet & Greet) with your Primary. A New Client Meeting is $10.00. 

We changed the locks on our house and need to get you guys new keys. How do we do that?

Peak City Puppy offers Key Pick-Up/Drop Off for $10.00. We will work with you to set up a time to have a Team Member meet you to retrieve the new keys. Other options include leaving the new keys in a secure location on the property (such as the front office of an apartment complex) or in a lock box. 

How do I know the Walker/sitter did the service?

Peak City Puppy uses the software Time To Pet. Time To Pet can be used on desktop and mobile devices, and we encourage you to download the App. This is where Clients can schedule service, request changes to services, update their information and their pet information, pay invoices and much more. This software is used by all Peak City Puppy Team Members. 

Team Members view services in the App and, following completion, will “COMPLETE” a service in the app. Our Team Members will leave you a note (and often photos) following the completion of services so you know the service was completed and your pet was cared for. If you have the App (and have your notifications turned on) you will receive an alert that the service has been completed and that a Team Member left you a note/photos. You will also receive an email with the same information.

What happens if there is an emergency with my pet?

We hope this should never happen, however, we are prepared should this occur. Should an emergency occur with your pet we will begin by trying to contact you. Should you be unavailable we will next try your emergency contact. If we are unable to contact you or your emergency contact, we will contact your Veterinarian. 

Prior to scheduling services with us we ask you to read and sign the Client Agreement in Time To Pet. In this agreement it details that, should it become necessary, the Client authorizes Peak City Puppy to transport your pet to your veterinarian (or the closest available). The Client authorizes Peak City Puppy to use best judgement based on the needs of the pet, and that the Client authorizes Peak City Puppy to approve emergency treatment recommended by the veterinarian. 

If something like this were to occur Peak City Puppy guarantees that we would do everything possible to contact you and ensure that your pet receives the care they need. For more detailed information, please read the VETERINARY & EMERGENCY CARE section of the Client Agreement.

I need to update some instructions for my pet, how do I do that?

Thanks to Time To Pet’s innovative software Clients can update their Pet information easily both online and in the app. Simply go to your profile and click or tap on the “Pets” tab, select the pet you wish to update, and then choose “Edit” in the top right corner. From here you can update your pet information. Just don’t forget to click save when you are done!

Will I always know who is entering my house or will it change?

Yes. You can always check your schedule of services and it will list who is caring for your pet(s). You may not have always met them face-to-face (especially if your Secondary was introduced via a Sitter Introduction) but you will always know who is entering your home. If, for some reason, we need to make a change to your scheduled Team Member, we will let you know promptly so there are no surprises.

I have plants that need watered while I am on vacation. Does PCP do that?

Yes! Peak City Puppy offers a range of services. If you have Pet Sitting visits scheduled with us, watering plants is included in options a Client can opt to have (along with mail and package collection, feeding of fish, taking out/bringing in trash or recycle, and rotating lights or drawing blinds.)

We also offer a Garden Visit service where a Team Member will come and care for any plants that you may have while you are away. 

What areas do you service?

We currently service Angier, Apex, New Hill, Cary, Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Raleigh and Willow Spring.  

Does Peak City Puppy feed fish too?

Yes! This service is included as part of our complimentary Pet Sitting services. We ask that if you would like us to feed any fish that you add them as a Pet in the Time To Pet portal (you can just label them as fish) and include their feeding information and instructions. Be sure to select this pet when you are scheduling services and to go over this information during your New Client Meeting with your Team Member.

What happens if my pet has an accident in the house?

As hard as we may try, it is always a possibility that a disruption to their normal environment will have an impact on your pet(s). This is especially true for Pet Sitting. One of the ways that this disruption can affect your pet is through having accidents in the house. Every Team Member has seen it before and understands that accidents happen. 

In short, if a pet has an accident, our Team Member will clean it up as best as they can. We do ask that if you know your pet is prone to accidents (especially if you go out of town) that you put this information in their behavior section in Time To Pet. We also ask that you add information regarding the location (and type) of any cleaning supplies that we can use to clean up the mess. 

If a pet has an accident and you have not added this information to the Time To Pet portal, our Team Member will check the typical locations (under the sink, laundry room, pantry, closet, etc.) to find cleaning supplies to clean up the mess. We will also make you aware of any towels/wash cloths we use and where we put them (oftentimes, our Team Members will toss them into or in front of the washer). 

Does Peak City Puppy offer any discounts?

Yes we do! Our pricing offers discounts related to the amount of flexibility you need in your scheduling.  For our regular dog walk or new puppy customers with a consistent schedule, our subscription plans offer the greatest discount of 10% off your monthly service.  Subscriptions are pre-paid and are 5 days per week and you are scheduled for the entire month (no refunds or cancellations).  With a subscription, you are guaranteed a spot on our schedule even during peak times and all after-hours or cancellation fees are waived.

For clients needing greater flexibility in scheduling, we offer automatic account discounts of 5% when you book 10+ walks in the month.  These discounts apply to Dog Walking and New Puppy services and reward our regular clients who just have more variety in their schedules.  

When is payment due for services?

This depends on the type of service. 

Subscription Dog Walking & New Puppy:  Pre-payment for the month is required and is due on the 1st of the month of service.

All other Dog Walking & New Puppy Services: Non-Subscription clients are invoiced at the END of the month only for the services used.  Loyalty discounts are automatically applied.

Pet Sitting, Pet Taxi & Overnight services are invoiced on the Last Day of Service.  A method of payment is required for all services unless pre-payment is received PRIOR to service delivery. 

Overnight and Boarding is charged upon booking to hold the spot on the calendar.  Refunds / credits are subject to the cancelation policy. 

What happens during inclement weather or storms?

Living in North Carolina, and only an hour away from the coast, it is common we experience storms and the aftereffects of hurricanes. Also, in recent years, North Carolina has been experiencing some colder winters with snow and ice. 

If we know in advance that a storm or inclement weather is coming, we will send out a memo to our Team Members to review their schedules and identify any visits that are considered essential (i.e. Pet Sitting Visits, no owner home Dog Walking or New Puppy Services, Overnights, etc). These visits must occur because the pet(s) are in our sole care and, should a Team Member find they are unable to complete these services, we will require a backup plan to ensure these Clients are taken care of. 

We will also send out an announcement to our scheduled Dog Walking and New Puppy clients. We will ask that, if able, Clients cancel their visits to lighten the load on our Team Members. This option is more for those that work from home or may be sent home early/not go into work due to inclement weather (and it is entirely optional). We will also request to shorten our longer walks so both the pet(s) and the Team Member’s time spent outside in the storm/inclement weather is reduced.

We take all these measures in order to ensure the safety of our Clients and our Team Members. We understand that, for some Clients, cancelling is not an option and we are responsible for the care and safety of their pet(s) in their absence. For this reason we take every precaution possible to prepare. This includes alternate walk plans, shortened time outside, watching for power outages in colder weather, ensuring extra time and care is taken when traveling between clients, and that there is a backup plan should anything happen.

What do you do about approaching other dogs on walks? What about children?

Our team members are specifically trained and instructed to avoid contact with passing-by dogs and children.  This is for your own dog’s safety as it is unknown how a passer-by dog may react.  

As innocent as it may seem to allow children to come up to a dog on a walk, it is our company policy to avoid any contact for prevention of a liability incident.

What do you do if you are approached by an off-leash dog?

Without a doubt, this is a stressful situation and one we strive to avoid by maintaining good focus on the dog in our possession and awareness of the walk environment.  Our team members are instructed to remain aware at all times and if a dog is seen in the distance off-leash, to immediately turn around and head in the opposite direction.

A direct encounter with an off-leash dog is a potentially dangerous situation and why we stress the importance of hiring a professional to walk your dog.  Our team understands how to best manage this situation by remaining calm and firm in resisting the off-leash dog’s approach.  Ultimately, our team member’s safety and that of your dog is paramount, so our team member will do what he or she can to direct the off-leash dog away.  If off-leash dogs are a recurring theme in your neighborhood, it is well advised to give our team a heads-up and we may need to restrict our visits to yard-play.

Do you pick up after the dog, and do you provide bags?

Yes, Peak City Puppy picks up after the dogs during walks and yard time. Our Team Members will use whatever bags you provide, or are provided around the property (if an apartment complex). Otherwise, each of our Team Members carries waste bags with them as part of their Team Member Kit. 

I have a Mid-Day Dog Walk, will you feed my pet(s)?

Most adult dogs do not require feeding at mid-day, however, we are happy to use the time you’ve purchased for whatever needs your dog has.  Our Dog Walk services are considered door-to-door which means our time starts the moment we enter to the moment we leave. If you prefer a feeding, brushing or some other service, we will need to shorten the walk time to accommodate, but are happy to do so.

With New Puppy services we understand that often, younger dogs may need three meals a day, just like they need extra potty time. For that reason, should your puppy need a feeding following their walk we will work to build that into the service time. 

I have an X Minute Dog Walk/Pet Sit, when does the clock start?

The clock starts when we enter the door and goes till we close the door again. This is called door-to-door. This means that if your service is 15 Minutes, the entire service is 15 Minutes, not just the walk. If your dog requires extra persuasion to put on their harness or collar, or doesn’t like to be rushed to do their business, these factors should be considered when scheduling your services. 

Many of our Dog Walk Team Members have a full schedule of Clients, especially for Mid-Day services. For this reason, we ask that our Clients please be mindful of this and that any before walk or after walk conversations be kept short so that our Team Members have time to complete all their services in a timely manne