Summer Foods that are Toxic to Pets (and 3 Tasty Treats!)

The summer season means excitement, travel and lots of delicious food on the backyard table. While tempting to allow your dog to nibble from the leftover paper plates, many summer foods are dangerous; possibly even toxic. Read on to learn some of the most common summer foods your furry friends should avoid.


That’s right. The epitome of summer chip dips might be a superfood for you, but to your pets it can be dangerous. According to the AKC, avocados contain percin, a substance toxic to dogs and many other animals. Onions, garlic and salt are also toxic to dogs, so keep that guacamole to yourself.

Tomato Greens

Whether you’re a summer gardener or just a veggie aficionado, tomatoes during summer in North Carolina are some of the best. However the green parts of tomatoes like the leaves and stems are toxic to many animals, including dogs. If you’re growing tomatoes in your yard, make sure to keep them away from curious pups, and double check that your farmers market heirlooms are safely stashed away.


Citrus fruits are yummy, refreshing and come with a good dose of vitamin c, but for dogs, larger quantities of citric acid can be toxic–even causing problems with the nervous system. While you enjoy your lemonade and orange juice this summer, keep the fruit away from your furry friends

Tasty Treats

While you should always stick with the diet plan you decide on with your veterinarian, there are some summer snacks that might make a good treat for your canine companions. Some better options include:

  • Carrots
  • Green Beans with no salt added
  • Peanut Butter with no artificial sweeteners
  • Pureed pumkin (frozen ice trays for a healthy, cooling snack)

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