Team Member Spotlight: Trish B.

Trish joined the Peak City Puppy family in December of 2020. Trish works primarily in East Cary and Apex as a Senior Walker. Trish is also one our field mentors and mentors new hires for the East Cary and Apex service areas. 

Trish grew up in New York and relocated to North Carolina. She has a son and a daughter, both currently attending North Carolina State University. Trish is the proud owner of a horse named Petey whom she enjoys riding as a hobby. Trish originally came to work for Peak City Puppy because she wanted a job that had flexible hours and allowed her to spend more time outdoors. 

Trish has quickly made a home for herself at Peak City Puppy, moving to Senior Walker in less than 6 months. We asked Trish if she had any goals or objectives she had wanted to meet when she first started with Peak City Puppy. Trish said of her time thus far, “I am thoroughly enjoying myself and would love to add more dogs to my pack.”

We asked Trish about her time spent with various dog clients and asked about her favorite experiences, if there were any memorable clients, jobs, or interactions with team members that have stood out to her. Trish said of her fellow Team Members, “I love how the team supports each other and always goes out of their way to cover [for another] if needed.” Trish also mentioned one of her first dog walking clients, Tucker, “I miss my Tucker. I’m so happy Jenna is taking such good care of him.” 

Trish said that what she is most proud of through her work at Peak City Puppy was being reliable for her clients. In fact, Trish is actually a former client of Karen (another Peak City Puppy Team Member). She said that being a former client she understands how important that is. We couldn’t agree more and reliability is one of our most talked about business characteristics.

We asked Trish what she believes makes Peak City Puppy successful with our clients. “Reliability,” she said, and “peace of mind.” That is also one of our most talked about business characteristics. With over 100 five star reviews mentioning reliability, responsiveness, professionalism, and; it is Team Members like Trish that help provide the satisfaction our clients deserve.

Trish said it was “always having someone to speak to or text if there is a question or issue” that makes Peak City Puppy a successful employer. Trish said her fellow Team Members are great, and gave a shoutout to Client Services Manager Christine Z. We asked Trish what could be improved to make working for Peak City Puppy even better. She said, “more clients!” Trish said she would love it if she could have more clients, specifically in her service area so that she wouldn’t have to give up any of her current clients. 

You heard the lady! If you live in the East Cary or Apex area, are looking for a dog walker for your pups, and think Trish would be a great fit – contact us! We would love to discuss our service options with you to find the right fit for your needs and book a New Client Meeting.

Trish has a 100% Overall Client Happiness Score for 2021 with all clients rating her as Great. Yay for Trish!

Here is some of the feedback we have received on Trish from clients:

“Thank you for providing excellent customer service from start to finish.  Trish was wonderful, and we appreciated her updates when she “dog sat” our two labs for the weekend.  When we returned home, both dogs were relaxed and happy to see us.  Our days of kenneling are over, thanks to PCP.”

– Kathleen K. (Dixie & Finley)

Kind and caring with patience and a great knowledge of dogs.”

– Julia C. (Niles)

Trish has a 100% Overall Client Happiness Score for 2021 with all clients rating her as “Great.”