Magda M. - Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Team Member Spotlight: Magda M.

Magda joined the Peak City Puppy family in 2019. Magda works primarily in Apex, NC as a Senior Walker, but also performs Overnight Pet Sitting services. 

Magda is originally from Poland and, after living here for 26 years, she likes to joke that she still has an accent. When she isn’t walking or pet sitting for Peak City Puppy, Magda enjoys spending time with her children and dogs camping, especially at the beach. Magda’s hobbies include photography, “I like to take photographs of nature and animals,” she says.

Prior to working for Peak City Puppy, Magda was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in both hospice care and hospital settings. As you can imagine, the work was stressful, mentally and emotionally draining. Magda chose to move away from that role and try something less stressful that made her happy. That is how Magda came to join our ranks. Magda believes she has met her goal of finding something less stressful that makes her happy, and we feel the same way. Magda now uses those same caretaker characteristics to care for her client’s pets.

We asked Magda about some of her favorite experiences since she has been with Peak City Puppy: “I have several of my favorite dogs that I built bonds with.” Magda said he is most proud of the bonds she has built with many of her dog clients, and when owners are happy with her service. Her favorite memory and experience was taking care of a Cockatiel bird and putting eye drops in his eyes. Magda has built bonds with many Peak City Puppy Team Members, especially as a Senior Walker mentoring new Team Members. Magda mentions specifically her interactions with Karen (another Senior Team Member), “I like my interaction with Karen and how we support each other.”

Magda was asked about what she believes makes Peak City Puppy successful with our clients. “Employees that clients can trust,” she said. She also added that, “hiring caring individuals,” is what makes Peak City Puppy a successful employer. When looking to the future for Peak City Puppy, Magda says, “I wish we can grow more as a company and be happy and successful.”

Here is some of the feedback we have received on Magda from clients:

“Magda has been great the last few months and we appreciate her. She takes good care of our Schatzie girl each time she is here. And Schatzie is happy when we come home. Thank you to Magda for giving us peace of mind while we are at work and school!”

Laura U. (Shatzie, Miniature Schnauzer) 

“I cannot say enough about how much we appreciate our backup walker, Magda. Our jobs keep us at work 5 days per week and that makes it hard to be dog parents. We could not continue our lives with dogs without the assistance provided by Peak City Puppy and our daily dog walkers. Magda is a new addition to our family, and I am so grateful she overcame Star’s “Stranger Danger” and now takes her for easy walks. I don’t have words to express our gratitude. Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts.”

Michelle K. (Star & Callie, Mixed Breeds)

“He also adores Magda – she is energetic, always excited to see him, and he adores her as well. He runs when he hears the door open and hears her call – barking all the time in his excitement. You can’t fool dogs – they know when you are sincere, and Magda is the real deal! Very attentive to getting his post walk treat to him as well as checking his water dish. I feel very reassured that even though I work out of town, Mac will be cared for in the middle of the day. Thank you Peak City for these exemplary employees – they treat my fur baby like family – what more could you ask?”

Phyllis F. (Mac, Labrador Retriever Mix)