Raleigh Professional Dog Walker and Pet Sitters!

As the pandemic has started to wane and life returns to normal this also means that more and
more people are returning to the office. Perhaps you adopted a dog while you were working
from home the last couple of years and are now being required to come back into the office. Or
maybe you are an attorney or a doctor, working from home was never possible, and the care
you had for your dog is no longer an option and you are left scrambling.

Whichever situation you are in, you may be wondering what that means when it comes to
caring for your dog and making sure they get enough stimulation and exercise while you are not
there. If your profession requires long hours away from home and you live in a busy
metropolitan area like downtown Raleigh, finding care for your dog during the day may feel
like an overwhelming endeavor

While some professionals who work long hours opt to not have any pets, others desire the
companionship of their furry friends at the end of a long day and want the best care possible
for them. One option that some people choose is doggy daycare. However, there is a more
cost-efficient and convenient option that guarantees your pup is well cared for and able to stay
in the familiar environment of their own home and the area surrounding it.

At Peak City Puppy, we employ professional dog walkers to come to your home. We offer
midday dog walking and drop-ins between the hours of 10:30-3:30, so whether you work 8-
hour shifts, 12-hour shifts, or anything in between you can rest assured that your dog is not
alone or left without any social interaction.

Before being employed by you, each dog walker will come to meet you and your dog so that
they become familiar and comfortable with them and so that you can go over any routines or
individual needs your dog has that need to be taken care of during the day, including fresh
water, food, treats, or medications.

There are several different time options you can choose based on your dog’s individual needs
including the following:

10-minute walk. This is ideal for smaller or older dogs who do not need much
exercise. It gives them the chance to relieve themselves and get some fresh air.
20-minute walk. This is for those dogs who need regular exercise in addition to a
potty break.
30-minute walk. This is ideal for large dogs or those with a lot of energy.
Each of these dedicated professionals loves animals and will take great care of your dog(s)
while you are at work.

We hope you will choose us for your pet care needs and we look forward
to working with you.