Pet Safety during Hurricane Season

Prep Your Pets for Hurricane Season – What You Need to Know

Late summer and early fall means many things to many people.  To pet owners in North Carolina, it means hurricane season. Unfortunately, the coastal communities of the state aren’t the only ones who get hit hard by hurricanes–these storms have a tendency to make their way inland and can cause flooding and emergency situations for families and pets all throughout the Triangle. To make sure you and Fido are as ready as can be for any possible hurricanes headed our way this season, check out our top tips below on how to prepare for hurricane season with pets.

Create an Emergency Kit FOR your Pets
If you’ve been through a hurricane in North Carolina, you know the drill. Make sure you have water on hand, non-perishable food and weather radios aplenty. But what about your furry friend? Don’t forget to pack the emergency essentials for your pet while you’re packing your own. Store extra nonperishable food in airtight containers, make sure to pick up a supply of water just for them and grab items that make your pet feel safe during storms, like favorite toys, a comfortable bed or a Thunder Shirt. While you’re at it, grab any extra medications or prescriptions and keep copies of your pet’s medical records in a waterproof bag for safe keeping.  Finally, rescue groups like our friends at Caws For Paws recommend writing your name and phone number in black Sharpie on the belly of your pet to aid in quick reunion should you get displaced.

Keep Up-to-date Photos of Your Pet
Storms are scary for people, but they can be even more terrifying for pets who are sensitive to loud noises or being cooped up for long periods of time. This is one of the reasons why severe weather is one of the times your pet is most likely to get lost. Before a storm hits, make sure to take up-to-date photos of your pet, preferably with you in them, just in case you have to prove ownership of your pet later. Make sure your dog is up to date on all shots and medications and pack extra collars, harnesses and leashes, just in case.

Research Pet-Friendly Shelters in Your Area
During the hustle and bustle of storm preparation, finding an emergency shelter that takes pets can be much more of a challenge than finding one than one that doesn’t. If you aren’t able to find pet-friendly emergency shelters in your area, be sure to have a backup plan for your pets. Work with your local veterinarian and humane society ahead of time to research where you and your pets can safely go during a disaster. Visit this website for more information.

Hurricane season can be stressful, and having pets to take care of requires careful planning and early preparation.

At PEAK CITY PUPPY, the safety of your pets is our top priority. We communicate early and often with our customers when inclement weather may affect service. This is a standard part of our ‘Peace of Mind’ guarantee. Learn more about how our dog walking and new puppy services can help your furry friend stay safe, healthy and happy all year round at