Frequently Asked Questions about the Business Transition



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When will the transition occur?

Starting February 1, 2022 the business will be under new ownership.  There will be a 2 week training period where Lesley will remain supportive to ensure a smooth transition.

Stacey W. will remain running daily Admin tasks with clients and supporting the team.


What prompted the sale of the business?

Prior to COVID, I had a strong desire to pivot my career into professional coaching and business consulting so I could better manage time with my young daughters.  The pandemic put those plans on hold and a major health scare further cemented the desire to step back from a service business once it was rebuilt.  

I am so proud of this team and our full recovery in 2021. Now, I am truly excited to see what Jordan can do as an owner with full focus, heart and energy.


What is the new owner’s goals for the Company in 2022?

I want to continue building on what Lesley has poured into this company.  I want to stand behind a company that is dependable, fair and trustworthy.  

Customer service will be of utmost importance and I hope that each experience with Peak City Puppy exceeds your expectations.  (And if it doesn’t, let me know and I will fix it!) 


Will my sitter/walker remain the same?

It is my full intention to have all staff members remain on through this transition.  I understand each sitter/ walker will have to make their own choice but they will all be receiving an offer from me to come along for this ride. 


How will the new owner take care of the team to encourage retention?

A job like pet sitting / dog walking should bring joy.  How could we not love a position where our clients literally jump for joy when we walk in the door?  I will remain transparent and open with the team to ensure we are all on the same page and issues that need addressed are.  I will be respectful of them balancing this work and their personal lives and hope that we can work together to come to agreements that are mutually beneficial. 


Will I have to sign up on a new portal?

No, I will have access to the portal you are already in.  


Will I have to upload my credit card again?

No, all information will carried over because the portal will not be changing.  


Will pricing change?

No pricing will change for existing customers for at least the remainder of 2022. 


What are some of the benefits of the transition?

Peak City Puppy is already so great.  It would be foolish of me to come in and say it is going to vastly improve with me as the new owner.  I honestly hope the changes to you as an existing customer are minimal.  I want the benefit of the transition to be that you didn’t even notice anything changed.  

Of course, if something has been less than perfect than this would certainly be a great time to get it resolved.  Otherwise, I can just tell you that I will be a respectful, fair and diligent new owner.  I won’t let you down! 


Will the company still be insured and bonded?



Who do I call/text or email with to get my questions answered?

All phone numbers and emails will remain intact and how you have previously communicated will still work.  Please remember to contact Admin: or 919-297-2008 (Text) or 919-367-7387 (Call) for fastest response to your needs rather than your walker/sitter.


Where can I find Lesley after she leaves Peak City Puppy?

Lesley is officially retiring from the dog walking and pet sitting business. She’s on LinkedIn and would love to keep in touch with former clients professionally.  

In 2021, she launched a career/life coaching and small business consulting practice called Bend & Sway Coach.  She works with individuals at various crossroads: career change, marriage/divorce or recovery from physical or mental setbacks.

She also became an NC licensed realtor and owns a dog-friendly short-term rental home off the Blue Ridge Parkway called Quiet Mountain Cabin.  Please keep in touch!