Keeping your Dog Safe

Four Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe this Fall

Fall means cooler temperatures, outdoor activities and back to school, but the season can also present some unsavory and unique dangers for your pets. Check out the following suggestions to keep your dog safe and go enjoy autumn in the Triangle instead of stressing about it.

Be On the Lookout For Poisons
Autumn means more than just cool air, it’s also a common time for the use of antifreeze and coolants in cars, machinery and around the house. Unfortunately while these products help protect your vehicles and appliances from cold weather, the ethylene glycol they contain is dangerous for pets. Aside from being poisonous, it also smells and tastes sweet, making it enticing to pets. As the weather gets colder, be sure to check your home regularly for antifreeze spills and open containers so your pet doesn’t get sick.

Watch Out for Mushrooms
The autumn season is often cool and damp, the perfect conditions for mushrooms to grow in even the most well-maintained lawn. Some species of mushroom native to North Carolina can be toxic to pets, and even those that aren’t lethal can still make your dog sick. Keep an eye out for mushrooms popping out of your landscape and keep your pets away from them when out on walks or off leash at the park. To prevent mushroom growth, make sure your lawn has good drainage and rake up leaves and debris that can create the perfect habitat for these fungi.

Fight the Fleas
While cooler temps may alleviate some of the worry about ticks for your pets, autumn marks the beginning of flea season. While both critters are active year round, it’s important to keep up your pets flea and tick prevention program as instructed by your vet. North Carolina has variable fall and winter seasons, and all it takes is a few bites from a flea or tick to spell trouble for your dog.

Keep Festive Decor Out of Reach
The fall season comes with a lot of decor, like Jack-o’-lanterns and festive wreaths, candy bowls and everything in between. While all of these things might say “autumn” to you, they spell d-a-n-g-e-r for your pet. If you go all out and decorate your home for fall with gusto, make sure to keep choking hazards, electric lights and small parts away from your pet so you can both enjoy the festive season without a surprise trip to the vet.

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