Business Recovery Part IV – The Value of People & Things

Business Recovery Part IV:
The Value of People and Things

These days, price is on people’s mind. The pandemic has affected many of us financially in big or small ways. The upside, at least for me, is I’ve realized how little I actually “need” in order to have a great life. Expenses I used to pay without much thought got cut in the early days, and I’m in no rush to return to such spending. What it’s helped me learn is that where I spend my money speaks directly to how much I value something. Same is true when we’re talking about who you trust to walk your dog, secure your home or check on your new puppy.

Our Guiding Principles

We close our series on our Business Recovery by examining the last of our three guiding principles: Our Services Will Set & Exceed the Bar for Quality.




Our Team offers the professionalism, commitment and heart that makes our clients start and stay with us for years, not month. In fact, 4 out of 5 clients have been in our “Top 100” for over three years.

Trust is the cornerstone of every purchase you make with our company. Trust that we show up. Trust that we stay the time. Trust that we treat your dog or cat as if she is our own.

Quality is a bit harder to define, and probably easiest to notice when it’s lacking. For Peak City Puppy, quality isn’t a tactic or a new idea.

Price is What you Pay. Value is What You Get.

Quality is embedded into every component of our service:

  • Team Members are over 18 years old and have years of personal pet ownership. Our dog walkers and pet sitters are fully background checked, bonded, insured and most importantly, trained.

  • We upgraded our technology in Fall 2020 to Time to Pet. It provides GPS tracking, automatic visit notifications and greater ease of use for our clients.

  • Every step of our process is proactively managed by our Administrative team so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to book or worse, being charged excess fees when you forget your dog’s grooming appointment is scheduled during walk time.

  • Over 12 Years of experience. When picking someone to trust with your dog, cat or puppy, (knowing they’ve already made mistakes and learned from them) experience is critical.

  • Quality in our communications:  Frequent. Honest. Always Up-Front.

2021 Pricing – A Focus on Loyalty

Peak City Puppy adjusted our pricing for all NEW clients in October 2020. This adjustment was the third in our Company’s twelve year history and part of the Business Recovery strategy outlined to retain our Team as the pandemic wore on.

During this time, we kept our Existing (pre-COVID) client pricing the same, as many of you stayed with us and supported us in incredible ways during those early weeks. We thank you, as we truly don’t know if we would have survived without your backing.

And, as we look forward to how we’re building our team, supporting our operations and continuing to deliver the highest quality of care, we are setting our prices for all clients to the adjusted rates, effective May 1, 2021.

This price adjustment funds the pay raises we offered to our Team in January in order to continue making this a viable career for years to come. It helps to offset the increased costs of new technology to communicate with you faster and more consistently through our new app. And, it allows us to continue to re-invest in this business so we can be here not only at the end of this pandemic, but for years to come.

Savings For New AND Existing Clients

Our current pricing is already available at our website along with some of the packages and subscription plans. It’s important to us to balance pricing across ALL of our clients, not just lure new clients in with discounts while neglecting the loyalty and commitment made by those of you who have used us for years.

Individual communications will go out in the next week to each existing client active in our system so we can lay out the custom plans we’ve assembled to offer loyalty savings. Our pricing is built on rewarding repeat use. Weekly subscriptions offer regular clients per visit costs similar to their previous rates.  Sporadic-visit clients still have options to package their purchases and also receive savings.

Business Recovery means a lot of things. Pricing is only one component of our business and we believe, over time, a feature that has always been fair, transparent and chock full of value. We understand that as the world continues to emerge from COVID, clients needs and value proposition of things may change and we respect that. We also believe fully, that placing your trust (and dollar) in Peak City Puppy, is a choice most of our long-time clients will continue to value.  We hope you do.

Lesley White is Founder and Owner of a Team of 21 pet professionals who set the standard in dog walking & pet sitting in Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Fuquay Varina, Morrisville and New Hill, NC. She lives in Apex with her husband, two daughters, step-son and mixed-breed rescue dog, Little Bear.