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We are a Professional Cat Sitter! Cats Are Welcome!

We Take Care of Cats Too!
Professional Cat Sitter: If you are going out of town and looking for someone to check in on your kitty (or kitties) while
you are gone, you may have come across Peak City Puppy in your search. Do not let the name
fool you! While our primary service is dog walking, our employees are also experienced in
working with cats and would love to take care of yours while you are gone.
Whether you need someone to just come in to feed, water, and scoop the litter, or to spend
time with your cat and give it some extra affection, we are happy to help. Let’s take a look
below at the services we offer, so you can choose the best option for you and your situation.

Cat Sitter

What Are My Options?
Similar to dog services, there are different time options for your cat’s care, broken down into
the following options:
-10 Minute Visits. This is ideal for the family with a low maintenance cat who prefers
solitude and just needs someone to come in, refresh water and food, and scoop the
– 20 Minute Visits. If your kitty is extra rambunctious and enjoys social interaction this
option gives time for a bit of play in addition to scooping and feeding.
– 30 Minute Visits. This length visit is perfect for the family with the cat who has special
needs (discussed more below) and needs a bit more time and attention in addition to
scooping and feeding.
With the different time options broken down, we will now explore how the process works and
discuss more individualized care from your professional cat sitter.

How Does it Work?
Before you leave on your trip, your cat will be assigned to one of our professional cat sitters who will reach
out to set up a meet and greet with you and your cat(s). While there, they will familiarize
themselves with your kitty, learn the location of food and how much is needed, and where the
litter box, scoop, and bags are and your preferences for disposal. They will also obtain a key or
learn the keycode for your home.

What if My Cat Has Health Issues?
If you have been hesitant to go on a vacation because your cat needs time sensitive
medications but boarding them with a vet is a bit too much for your budget, we would be
happy to work with you on a more affordable option. We have served clients who have cats
with diabetes, epilepsy, stomach issues, and more. You will only be charged for the time that
we come in to check on your cat instead of an entire day.
At your meet and greet we will take as much time as is needed with careful note taking as you
go over the routines of your cat’s care, medication location, and how to administer it. We are happy to learn about your cat’s individual needs and hope that we can be of service to you and
your family for your cat’s individual care.

Final Thoughts
If you need someone to take care of your cats while you are out of town, look no further than
Peak City Puppy. We get to know you and your cat and their individual needs, whether for a
simple scoop and feed, extra socialization, or medication administration.
We are eager to learn your cat and family’s individual needs and will strive to take the best
possible care of them so you can enjoy your time away without stress.

Check out our team to find one of our Professional Cat Sitter in your area!