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Raleigh - North Raleigh - RTP

We service nearly all of Raleigh inside the 540 beltline, including Avent Ferry, Boylan Heights, Brentwood, Bridgewater, Brier Creek, Cameron Village, Country Club Hills, Crabtree, Downtown, Edwards Mill, Five Points, Glen Eden, Glenwood & Glenwood South, Hedingham, King Charles, Lake Boone, Lassiter Mill, Longlake, Meredith Woods, Mordecai, North Hills, Stonehenge, North Ridge, Oakwood, Oberlin, Umstead, and Wade

Jenna S.

Lead Walker, Joined 2014

Jenna was one of the team members who joined Peak City Puppy after acquiring another Dog Walking company in 2014. Since that time, she's remained a beloved member of many Raleigh families. Jenna is hard working and holds down another full-time job as a geneticist in RTP. She lives off Glenwood with her fiancé and dog, Gobo.

Ray R.

Senior Walker, Joined 2021

Ray was raised by teachers, and this gives him a unique perspective on animal care. He takes the whole "dog dad" thing very seriously and believes that, just like with kids, how we treat pets has a huge impact on the way they treat us. He's always striving to understand animals from their point of view, which is why you can find Ray on the floor next to the dog at any given party. Some of his favorite training tools are positive reinforcement and modeling.

Ray has fostered cats and dogs for local rescues, taken care of countless pets for friends (everything from horses to lizards to rabbits), and started dog walking and pet sitting animals for another company in Chapel Hill. After relocating to RTP/Durham in 2021, Ray joined Peak City Puppy. In his free time Ray enjoys going to figure skating practice to escape the heat.

John G.

Walker, Joined 2021

John, a new member of the Peak City Puppy team has lived in the RTP area for 13 years. He has a 9 year old mixed breed dog named Tash, and over 10 years experience as a dog owner.

John studied biochemistry at NC State, and is currently a full-time manager of a pharmacovigilance team for a local biotech company. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and tennis, spending time with family and friends, and traveling when able.

John lives next to Lake Johnson in Raleigh and has plenty of walking trails nearby that he and Tash frequent. He is looking forward to meeting his Raleigh area pet clients and their owners.

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