The Team

Raleigh - North Raleigh - RTP

Jenna S.

Lead Walker, Joined 2014

Jenna was one of the team members who joined Peak City Puppy after acquiring another Dog Walking company in 2014. Since that time, she's remained a beloved member of many Raleigh families. Jenna is hard working and holds down another full-time job as a geneticist in RTP. She lives off Glenwood with her fianace and dog, Gobo.

Raleigh Dog Walker

Suzy L.

Lead Walker, Joined 2018

Born and raised in a small town in central TX, Suzy understands the need for a tight-knit community when it comes to the people (and pets!) you love. She has been happily surrounded by pets since she could crawl. From cats to dogs to fish, she’s an avid animal lover and can’t imagine a better job than getting paid to spend time with animals. In the time she doesn’t spend reading, Suzy enjoys drawing, photography, reading, and traveling with her spouse and their Husky- Malamute, Ghost.

Gabby A.

WALKER, Joined 2018

Gabby relocated back to the Triangle in 2018 but has been walking dogs professionally in California for years.

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