Pet Sitting vs. Boarding

Pet Sitting vs. Boarding

You have a trip coming up and, sadly, you cannot take Fido. That means you need to find someone to care for your dog (or even cat) while you are away. Sometimes, your pets can be cared for by a family member or friend. If those are not options, one could choose boarding or pet sitting as an alternative. But what is the difference between the two? What are the pros and cons of each?

The Basics of Boarding

Boarding your pet starts with dropping them off at the boarding location. Some boarding facilities are like a pet hotel while others can be more like a kennel. With each, the staff will learn about your pet, their routine and care schedule. Some facilities offer pick-up and drop off services where they will come to you. These facilities offer a range of spaces for dogs to play, sometimes offer pools to splash in, toys to play with, and interactions with other dogs. Most boarding facilities are primarily for dogs, not so much for cats. 

The Basics of Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting is offered in your own home, or in the home of another. It is similar to having a family member or friend take care of your pet for you. The same procedures occur as in boarding where the company and specific individuals caring for your pet will learn about them, their routine, and their care schedule. The range of options available for Pet Sitting can range from single visits in your own home, to overnight services in your house, or the house of the Pet Sitter. If the care takes place in the home of the Pet Sitter, you may drop your pet off at their house or they may come to pick-up your pet from yours. 

The Pros & The Cons

Boarding is done outside of the house, it is not ideal for nervous or anxious pets. It is especially not ideal for pets that may not get along with other dogs as there is time spent with other dogs. Boarding can be very stressful and disruptive to the pet’s routine, and can lead to accidents or even incidents with another dog. They are in a strange place, being seen by strange people, and they will also be around other strange dogs. 

With Pet Sitting, there is the option to have your pet seen in their own home. This puts less stress on the pet and is less disruptive to their routine. Some dogs are shy, anxious, and do not like being alone. Boarding is not an ideal option for those dogs as the environment and experience of a Boarding facility will be too different, and, oftentimes, just too much for them. 

With Boarding, there is the risk that your pet may not get along with the other pets that are there. This is especially true for dogs. Not all dog breeds are friendly to other dogs, and, even so, the most docile of dogs may become aggressive when nervous or scared. There is the option with some Pet Sitting to host the dog in the home of the Pet Sitter, this can be good for dogs who like interaction with other dogs, but not always a good choice for dogs who may be nervous or scared around other dogs. 

Some other considerations to have with Boarding returns to the idea that your dog will be around other dogs. Part of having a pet means keeping them up to date on their shots and vaccinations, their heartworm, and flea and tick treatments. Many Boarding facilities ask for vaccination records to ensure their furry clients are current with their vaccinations. However, there is no guarantee that they are up to date with heartworm or flea and tick treatments, or that they cannot still become ill. 

Even if a dog is vaccinated for Bordetella, the vaccination for kennel cough, they can still get it. This is especially true for puppies, dogs with weakened immune systems from chronic illness, or senior dogs. Boarding your pet puts them at risk. Because even if you are careful, there is still no guarantee. 

Why Choose Pet Sitting

We believe that Pet Sitting is the best choice for your pet’s care. We are biased, oh yes, absolutely, but we truly believe it is. Pet Sitting gives your pet the care and attention they need in the comfort of their own space, a place they are familiar with and comfortable in. It lets them use their own bowls, roam their own spaces, play with their toys (no sharing), and get treats and belly rubs to contentment. 

Pet Sitting is less stressful on your dog because all that changes in their world is that their owners are away and they are being cared for by someone else. For many of our Pet Sitting clients, their pets love the Pet Sitters as if they were a surrogate family member. This means when you reunite with your pet, they will be happy, healthy, and content. Pet Sitting often gives clients more peace of mind because they do not have to worry how their pet is adjusting to life in a kennel, or to being around other dogs, or if there could be an incident with those other dogs (illness, fight, biting incident, etc). 

This is why we offer these services and why we feel you should choose Pet Sitting over Boarding.

Our Pet Sitting Services

At Peak City Puppy, we offer a range of services to best fit you and your pets needs. We understand that leaving your pet can be stressful for you and them, and it is this reason exactly that we take into consideration when caring for your pet.

Pet Sitting

We offer three types of Pet Sitting: 15 Minute Quick Stop, 20 Minute Standard Pet Sit, and 30 Minute Extended Pet Sit. 

Cat-Only Pet Sitting

This visit is for Cat-Only homes and lasts up to 15 Minutes.

Overnight Pet Sitting

We offer three types of Overnight Pet Sitting: 12-Hour Overnight Standard (In Your Home), 24-Hour Overnight Premium (In Your Home), and 24-Hour Overnight (In Sitter Home).

All of our Pet Sitting Services include:

  • Walk, Feeding, and Plenty of Care & Attention
  • Check-In Notifications
  • Post-Visit Message with Photo(s)
  • Home Security Check, Mail and Package Collection, and Trash/Recycle Can Removal/Collection

If you have any questions or are looking for Pet Sitting services, contact us now to go over which option best suits your needs (and Fido’s).