2021 Pricing, Packages & Subscriptions

Pricing, Packages & Subscriptions

Savings Packages & Subscription Plans Announced

Valued Clients:

This week, we announced publicly, changes to the way we price our Services via our social media accounts. Our strategy is one that places a high value on what we do best: build and deliver relationships over time.  Clients will always have the option to choose single visits if they only need our services sporadically. However, for those who desire a recurring schedule or use us even as little as twice a month, we’ve built value-priced plans to reward this loyalty.

We want to give you, our most valued clients, ample time to ask questions and connect with us personally, to devise a pricing plan that will work BEST for your family and unique situation. We have developed a BUNCH of options that balance discounts with level of commitment, so you are in the driver’s seat on picking an approach that works for you. 

FAQ’s on 2021 Pricing Plans:

1. Why are you changing prices now? 

A. We actually raised our prices last October 2020 to the public and any new client who came to our service at that time. Since then, we’ve offered you six months of a Grandfathered price, as you stuck with us during the pandemic and your loyalty to our team really means a lot.

75% of our price adjustments are going directly to our Team Members as we raised their rates of pay across the board in January. This adjustment is helping to fund that and is a key part of retaining the people who make Peak City Puppy special.

The other 25% is to fund our large investment in a new technology platform with monthly subscription costs. We believe this tool’s value has far outweighed the cost – many of you comment how much easier it is to use than our old system and it is far more reliable. But with quality, comes almost double the expense. Another investment we’ve made this year is to increase our insurance to cover in-home boarding services. In response to the pandemic, more clients are asking for us to take in their pets while they are away on vacation. We are now insured to do so.

What are the new prices? 

Our 2021 pricing has already been on our website since last October and is current.




What is the difference between Pre-Purchase Packages and Recurring Subscriptions? 

Simple. Packages are flexible. You use what you need, when you need them. You buy them in packages of 10 or 20 visits and get a 10% discount off all regular priced services.

Subscriptions on the other hand, work like gym memberships. You buy them and get billed at the beginning of the month. You get a bigger discount and the convenience of not having to remember to schedule or cancel your visits (visits are auto-scheduled). You can schedule week to week, so if you need to, you can take a week off a month, no charge. However, we sell subscriptions in 3 month increments, so we do ask for a bit more of a commitment in exchange for our deeper discount.

As a small business, we have changed prices now only 3 times in our 12 year history. This one, by far, has been the hardest to execute. The Peak City Puppy community has been there for us in what has been an incredibly challenging year; thank you. We hope we can keep you with us as we continue to build back.

Kindly and most respectfully,

Lesley White